DNCC CEO featured in NY Times

This past Saturday, the New York Times featured DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry in a profile piece about her roles as a minister and leader within the Democratic Party. Before taking on her role with the Convention, Leah served most recently as Chief of Staff at the DNC, where she served as the driving force behind the DNC’s Faith in Action initiative.
The Times piece said of Leah’s leadership with Faith in Action:

The drive to reach religious Americans began after Election Day 2004, when Ms. Daughtry was so distraught over reports of a Republican landslide among “values voters” — a term commonly associated with conservative Christian voters — that she commissioned a poll on the subject. For roughly half of all voters, the poll found, religion is as much an influence on how they vote as any other factor.

Under Ms. Daughtry’s direction, the Democratic committee has hired its first religious outreach director. Its “Faith in Action” team now counts seven staff members, including those directing Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim outreach…

Two and a half years on, Ms. Daughtry’s Faith in Action plan has shown signs of success. By Election Day 2006, Democratic polling found that Democrats had trimmed the Republican Party’s 30-point lead among conservative Christian voters to 10 points. Many Democratic candidates and officeholders now discuss their religion publicly.

Check out the entire the NY Times’ profile on Leah here:


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