Calling All Rocky Mountain Photographers

The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) is launching a new effort to enlist citizen photo journalism as a means to bring more people into the 2008 Convention experience and help Convention visitors see the West through local eyes. As part of this effort, we’re looking for photos of people and places that represent the spirit of the Rocky Mountain West – photos we can feature on the DNCC’s official website,, and showcase during Convention week in Denver. Help us introduce delegates and other visitors to your community and the Rocky Mountain West!


Upload Your Photos
• Go to and click on “Create Your Account”
• When prompted, enter your Yahoo! ID – or click “Sign Up” and follow the instructions
• Once you’re logged into Flickr, click “Upload My Photos” to submit your photos

Join the Democratic National Convention Group
• Click “Join this Group”
• To ensure that your photos can be showcased on and at events during Convention week, you will be asked to agree to some basic rules
• Once you’re a member of the group, you can select the photos you’d like to send to the group (use the “Send to Group” link above an individual photo and select “Democratic National Convention”)

Tell Us About Your Photos
• Use the “Add Your Comment” field displayed under each photo to describe the image, where it was taken and why you selected it for inclusion in this project
• We also encourage you to include your full name in this section so we can credit you for your work


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