DNCC CEO profiled in Rocky Mountain News

DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry is profiled on the Rocky Mountain News website and in Saturday’s print edition.

From the Rocky Mountain News:

[Convention CEO Leah] Daughtry knows there’s a lot to be done. Big numbers are tossed about — 35,000 descending on Denver, an economic impact of about $160 million and thousands of credentialed media putting the city center stage Aug. 25-28.

She said one of her chief worries is something that she never encountered in Los Angeles, Boston or New York when conventions were held there.

It’s the King Soopers anecdote — an incident in Denver when Daughtry said she was trying to buy eggs and was stopped by a woman who began enthusiastically telling her how important the convention was to Denver.

Then there was the LoDo restaurant owner who recognizes her and shouts out that his business is booked for two solid weeks during the convention.

All of this tells Daughtry that Denver will be a different experience than past conventions.

Also be sure to check out the audio slide show.



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