Meet the Staff-Marisa

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Marisa McAuliffe works in the Chief of Staff’s office for the Democratic National Convention Committee. Marisa moved to Denver this past summer, but already she has become a vital part of the community. When Marisa is not at work, there’s a good chance she’s giving back to the Convention host city. In this staff profile, Marisa shows us around the Denver Rescue Mission, where she volunteers her time after work. The DNCC has an internal monthly community service challenge to track hours of service completed by staff — and October was Marisa’s month to shine.


3 Responses to Meet the Staff-Marisa

  1. Bob Cole says:

    Beautiful! With people like Malisa, success is assured!

  2. shelbinator says:

    Scratch that last — it shows up.

  3. Bill Mills says:

    I know first hand what kind of person Marisa is, I lived at the Denver Rescue Mission. Marisa is someone who’s smile will give you hope. And like myself, change me from Republican to Democrat.

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