DNCC Adventures in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Hello all. This is Sky Gallegos, Deputy CEO for Intergovernmental Affairs, writing my inaugural blog post! This past weekend was the first in a series of “joint appearances” of Colorado Democratic Party State Chair Pat Waak and myself. We are traveling the state to brief folks on the Convention (my part) and on how to be a delegate (Pat’s part). Our first outing was in Steamboat on Saturday, and it was great! We had about 40 people show up, some hard-core activists and some people who just heard about it and were interested in learning more. I have to say, the variety of people in the room and the level of enthusiasm for 2008 echoes the interest and excitement we are seeing all over the state for this Convention.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=502011&dest=-1]

Jenni Engebretsen (Deputy CEO for Public Affairs) accompanied me on the trip, and I think she was surprised by the Western laid-back approach to the whole thing. I have to admit that even I, the Colorado native, wasn’t so sure we were in the right place when we drove up to what matched the address we were given to find it to be next to a ski jump (complete with skiers, young and old, doing gravity defying jumps) and the strength training center. I think my favorite though, next to all of the wonderful food everyone brought for the pot luck portion, was when someone’s dog got loose and ran into our meeting during my talk. Jenni and I shot some interviews of a couple of the local Democrats that were there. Check it out — I think it really represents the spectrum of Democrats one can find here in the West. Oh yeah, and check out our photos of the cattle drive (!) Jenni and I drove through on our way home!Steamboat Cattledrive

I will be back with more on our traveling series when we hit Fort Collins on December 3rd and Durango on December 9th. Keep an eye out on our web site for locations and times for those briefings if you live in the area and want to come by and say hello.

Check out this coverage we got from the Steamboat Pilot.


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