Notes From the DNC Fall Meeting in Virginia

Greetings from Vienna, Virginia, where the Democratic National Committee is hosting its Fall Meeting. The DNCC team is here in f

Podium Pass

orce as well. We’re staffing a Convention Information Center today and tomorrow, offering a full slate of info on our host city and Convention planning to date to DNC members and other attendees from the Democratic family. We’re even offering Convention “credentials” to those who stop by – lovely souvenirs, although (before you get in your car and head over) they won’t get you into the Pepsi Center next August.

Over in Bloggers Alley, we have information on blogger credentialing in Denver. We also briefed state party chairs yesterday on our new DemConvention State Blogger Corps, and the plan was met with an enthusiastic response.

I also spent some time yesterday during the Faith In Action meeting discussing ideas for how we can bring the faith community into our Convention experience. Many inclusive ideas were put forth by the FIA members – a dialogue we’ll be continuing in the months ahead.

Later this afternoon, I’ll be introducing Colorado’s own Gov. Ritter when he speaks before the general session. I’ll check back in after that.

Update: You can see my introduction of Gov. Ritter and Gov Ritter’s remarks to the DNC Fall Meeting here.

Below are some photos of Gov. Ritter and I delivering our respective remarks.

Gov. Ritter

Leah on stage


One Response to Notes From the DNC Fall Meeting in Virginia

  1. John Orr says:

    Hi all: You may know that some evangelicals along with members of mainstream churches are starting to rally around the idea of environmentalism as a moral imperative coming from their reading of the Bible. That’s one area where you could reach out during the convention. Bible study and instruction tied with green ideas, especially sustainability. — John Orr

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