DNCC in the News: Online media

Online outreach around the 2008 Democratic National Convention is continuing to make news. I sat down with Denver’s local Fox station to talk about credentials for bloggers and how the Democratic National Convention is going to be covered by the online media. Click here to watch the video. Also that week, I joined Joan McCarter of Daily Kos and spoke with the Colorado Public Radio show Colorado Matters about the online media’s role at the Convention. You can hear that interview here.
If you’re interested in applying for blogger credentials, click here.


2 Responses to DNCC in the News: Online media

  1. corinnem says:

    Will there be outreach from DNCC specifically to Colorado bloggers? I think Colorado Democratic bloggers should be specifically contacted and invited to the Convention.

    I know there were some (briefly) hard feelings after not one Virginia Democratic blogger was invited to the DNC’s fall meetings last weekend, despite the fact that they were held in Virginia.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for your comment. The DNCC is working to build strong relationships with many different communities. You’ll notice video from different community forums we’ve held in order to bring much of Colorado and the West into the Convention. Just this weekend, I participated in Progress Now’s RootsCamp where I addressed many Colorado bloggers. And you’ll see from all the local and national media coverage in both traditional and non-traditional media that bloggers are invited to apply for credentials and encouraged to come to Denver to cover the Convention.

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