Dispatches from the Road-Ft. Collins, Colorado

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Hello again. This is Sky Gallegos, Deputy CEO for Intergovernmental Affairs — back again with new video from our travels around the state of Colorado. A few weeks ago, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak and I visited Steamboat. This week, in the second in a series of our joint appearances,” Pat and I visited Democratic activists in Ft. Collins to brief them on the Convention and how they can participate either as a volunteer or as a delegate.The excitement in the room was palpable, as we had 70 to 80 people attend on a brisk Monday night in early December. Once again, we had a wide variety of participants with a full spectrum of political experience — everyone from a newly elected Loveland City Council member to a college student just dipping her toes into the political waters.

And we even got to venture over to College Ave. for a quick bite at Bisetti’s. That was some good pasta.

Watch this video to hear our take on the event and check out some of the comments we had from the local attendees.Well be in Durango next — so stay tuned for more dispatches from the road.


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