Notes from the Road

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Colorado Democratic Party’s annual gathering at the Renaissance Hotel in Stapleton this morning. There was a light snow on the ground but the winter weather didn’t keep any of our party faithfuls from coming out to hear from great Colorado leaders like Governor Ritter and state Chair Pat Waak.

We had a great group of folks in attendance and they gave me a very warm welcome. There was definitely a tangible sense of excitement in the room when the topic of the Convention came up. Once again, it was clear to me that this state is poised and ready to host the best Convention our country has ever seen.

Folks were particularly interested in our citizen photo journalism project that aims to showcase the spirit of the West to the many visitors planning their trips here next summer. It’s an easy way for people outside of Denver to get involved in the Convention experience. So I hope you too will get out your digital camera and help us show the world the Rocky Mountain West as it turns a lovely shade of blue.

Leah at CDP


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  1. DigPicPhoto says:

    You can see photos of Leah Daughtry, Pat Waak and Alice Madden in Boulder CO at:

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