Calling All Bloggers

We know blogger credentialing as it relates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention is a hot topic of interest. Will your state have a blogger in Denver as part of the 2008 DemConvention State Blogger Corps? We certainly hope so. Check out the map below to track the applications right along with us as they come in from all across the country.

Judging from the rush of applications we’ve received since the DNCC Press Gallery opened on December 10, there is no shortage of enthusiasm in the blogosphere for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

For the first time, we’re offering the opportunity for one blog to be credentialed from each of the 56 states and territories. Who will be on hand in Denver come August 2008 to feed you the latest as speakers from your state take the podium or your delegation rolls in to town? We’ll have the final word in May — but until then, you can find out what states have applicants by checking out the map below. To date, we have applications from 28 states — and hope to turn every state blue in short order! You can help spread the word by clicking here and sharing these details with a home state blogger in your neck of the woods.

Updated Map: Jan. 8, 2008

state map 1_8_08


3 Responses to Calling All Bloggers

  1. /sms ;-) says:

    do you also have a map for countries outside of the usa? – my application for the “german-speaking part of europe” is filled in since december 19. i hope i will be with you 🙂

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  3. Jason says:

    Hello sms 😉

    It’s great to hear from you. I’ve been a fan of yours since I first saw you on Rocketboom. For online journalists from outside the U.S. you’d be applying for DNCC press gallery credentials under the general blogger pool. That pool is not reflected in the map.



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