Politics West: Meet the Players

November 28, 2007

DNCC Deputy CEO for Public Affairs Jenni Engebretsen was featured in Politics West under the headline Meet the Players. Below are some samples of the Q&A, click here to see the rest of the questions.

Q: What’s your job here?

A: I’m the Deputy CEO, Public Affairs for the Democratic National Convention Committee – which means I head up the press, online communications and public programs teams for the committee planning and organizing the convention in Denver.

Q: Any advice for your counterpart at the Republican National Convention?

A: There’s no question that the calendar ahead lends itself to heightened energy around the 2008 conventions. The back-to-back speeches offered from Denver and then St. Paul will be in essence the first debate between the nominees – a debate that will in turn kick off the home-stretch sprint to the election.

So with that in mind, I guess I’d say: Get ready. We intend to set the bar high.