Notes from the Road

December 8, 2007

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Colorado Democratic Party’s annual gathering at the Renaissance Hotel in Stapleton this morning. There was a light snow on the ground but the winter weather didn’t keep any of our party faithfuls from coming out to hear from great Colorado leaders like Governor Ritter and state Chair Pat Waak.

We had a great group of folks in attendance and they gave me a very warm welcome. There was definitely a tangible sense of excitement in the room when the topic of the Convention came up. Once again, it was clear to me that this state is poised and ready to host the best Convention our country has ever seen.

Folks were particularly interested in our citizen photo journalism project that aims to showcase the spirit of the West to the many visitors planning their trips here next summer. It’s an easy way for people outside of Denver to get involved in the Convention experience. So I hope you too will get out your digital camera and help us show the world the Rocky Mountain West as it turns a lovely shade of blue.

Leah at CDP


Dispatches from the Road-Ft. Collins, Colorado

December 6, 2007

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Hello again. This is Sky Gallegos, Deputy CEO for Intergovernmental Affairs — back again with new video from our travels around the state of Colorado. A few weeks ago, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak and I visited Steamboat. This week, in the second in a series of our joint appearances,” Pat and I visited Democratic activists in Ft. Collins to brief them on the Convention and how they can participate either as a volunteer or as a delegate.The excitement in the room was palpable, as we had 70 to 80 people attend on a brisk Monday night in early December. Once again, we had a wide variety of participants with a full spectrum of political experience — everyone from a newly elected Loveland City Council member to a college student just dipping her toes into the political waters.

And we even got to venture over to College Ave. for a quick bite at Bisetti’s. That was some good pasta.

Watch this video to hear our take on the event and check out some of the comments we had from the local attendees.Well be in Durango next — so stay tuned for more dispatches from the road.

A little taste of Denver in Vienna (VA)

November 30, 2007

I had the chance to introduce my new Governor, Colorado’s own Bill Ritter, to the DNC membership this afternoon. He gave a great speech that highlighted the lessons to be shared from the West and the pragmatic, forward-looking leaders of the region tackling big problems. And in Denver, he said, we will choose with one voice a leader who will move us forward as a country

He also noted with pride that we’re working in Denver to put on the greenest Convention ever.

To close the day, the Host Committee held a reception for DNC members to offer them a little preview of next August. On the menu: Boulder Fries on the Fly, Rocky Mountain Buffalo Sliders, Tostadas and “Denveritas” to drink. Two big screens featuring local landmarks and landscapes and music including at least a song or two from The Fray.

Time to take my shoes off – it’s been quite a day.

Notes From the DNC Fall Meeting in Virginia

November 30, 2007

Greetings from Vienna, Virginia, where the Democratic National Committee is hosting its Fall Meeting. The DNCC team is here in f

Podium Pass

orce as well. We’re staffing a Convention Information Center today and tomorrow, offering a full slate of info on our host city and Convention planning to date to DNC members and other attendees from the Democratic family. We’re even offering Convention “credentials” to those who stop by – lovely souvenirs, although (before you get in your car and head over) they won’t get you into the Pepsi Center next August.

Over in Bloggers Alley, we have information on blogger credentialing in Denver. We also briefed state party chairs yesterday on our new DemConvention State Blogger Corps, and the plan was met with an enthusiastic response.

I also spent some time yesterday during the Faith In Action meeting discussing ideas for how we can bring the faith community into our Convention experience. Many inclusive ideas were put forth by the FIA members – a dialogue we’ll be continuing in the months ahead.

Later this afternoon, I’ll be introducing Colorado’s own Gov. Ritter when he speaks before the general session. I’ll check back in after that.

Update: You can see my introduction of Gov. Ritter and Gov Ritter’s remarks to the DNC Fall Meeting here.

Below are some photos of Gov. Ritter and I delivering our respective remarks.

Gov. Ritter

Leah on stage