DNCC in the News: Online media

December 3, 2007

Online outreach around the 2008 Democratic National Convention is continuing to make news. I sat down with Denver’s local Fox station to talk about credentials for bloggers and how the Democratic National Convention is going to be covered by the online media. Click here to watch the video. Also that week, I joined Joan McCarter of Daily Kos and spoke with the Colorado Public Radio show Colorado Matters about the online media’s role at the Convention. You can hear that interview here.
If you’re interested in applying for blogger credentials, click here.


Connect with the Democratic National Convention

December 3, 2007

[blip.tv ?posts_id=523753&dest=18118]

The 2008 Democratic National Convention will be the most inclusive and accessible Convention in party history. We intend to break down the walls of the Pepsi Center using technology and other means to engage more people in our Convention experience in more meaningful ways than ever before. And bloggers and other new media will play a big role in that effort.

But why wait until August to get involved? Even before the Convention begins, the Democratic National Convention Committee is opening its doors to the online community. Watch this video to learn about some of the ways you can get involved with the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee online.

Interact with the DNCC online

November 1, 2007

This week, the DNCC launched its new Facebook group, MySpace profile and Twitter account – three new ways for you to interact with the DNCC team.

Facebook-social networking

Facebook is a social networking website where users can interact with their friends, join groups and contribute to causes. We’re really excited about the Facebook group because Democrats from around country now have the opportunity to meet each other, organize events in Denver and all around the U.S. during Convention week (August 25-28, 2008) and Democrats on Facebook can stay in touch post-Convention to work together to elect a Democrat as the next President of the United States.

Those enrolled in the Facebook group can interact with DNCC staff and learn more about the Convention. Come on by the DNCC Facebook group, join up, contribute to the conversation and tell your friends about it.

Facebook is open to everyone and it’s free. Click here to join the DNCC group.

MySpace-make friends

Like Facebook, MySpace is a social network that is, as they say, “a place for friends.” To add the Democratic National Convention as one of your friends and meet people similarly interested in the Democratic National Convention, click here.

Twitter-text messages

Twitter is a text messaging service. Think of it like an electronic messaging board on your cell phone for you, your friends and organizations like the DNCC. The DNCC will send text messages to our group with up to the minute information about the Convention. When we launch a new program, need community participation or have something important to say, we’ll send out a short message.

To join the DNCC Twitter group, text JOIN to 40404. Follow the instructions and then text FOLLOW DEMCONVENTION to 40404.

Twitter is free, but standard text message rates apply. Check with your mobile carrier before signing up.

As we get closer to the Convention, we’ll launch more social networking tools, so we can have a conversation about the Convention.


Last month, the DNCC announced its Rocky Mountain West photo gallery. We’re looking for people from around the Rocky Mountain West to submit photos that show off the people and places that make their towns home. You can find out more about the photo gallery and how to submit your photos by clicking here.